Best WordPress Tutorials for Beginners and Beyond

Here at WP Helpout we receive all sorts of WordPress requests. Most times if a client is interested to learn WordPress we have a few resources that we like to send them to. However, the best resource is “your need” which is the mother of all education. What you need to know in a particular instant about WordPress is what you should be looking for instead of watching WordPress tutorials that are not related to your need.

For example, if you just logged in inside of your WordPress dashboard and wonder how to make a page then simply go to YouTube and type in “how to make a WordPress page”, you will most likely find a video such as this one which will be practically walking you through your request on how to make a page. There are no better tutorials other than YouTube search requests because they are direct and to the point of what you need.

Having said that and putting YouTube aside here are also some other very good resources that you can consult:

WordPress 101 for fresh beginners

This talk introduces WordPress to people that have never touched the platform. People want to know what their getting into! It answers questions such as the difference between WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM.

Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Menus

This Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Menus is probably one of the most needed resources as most beginners wonder about the functions of WordPress menus and how to add pages as well as arrange their order.

WordPress 101 Paid Video Resources

WP101 is a very interesting resource for videos as it is professional and since it is paid you can expect a good service and be treated like a student. It’s only $15 per month for starters and you can learn plenty in a full month.

Easy WP Guide for FREE

If you prefer to read and have a resource to consult back with links and images a good resource is Easy WP Guide.

Best Collection of Wordperss Tutorials – WPTuts+

WP Tuts is operated by the same folks that run ThemeForest, the most popular theme settling website. WP Tuts has tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. They also have a premium package which allows you to have access to much more.

WordPress Tutorials for Advanced Users

WordPress.TV has a great selection of advanced WordPress talks from the most known WordPress experts. Even advanced users like our developers can learn plenty from WordPress.TV. Another great resource for those advanced user is the well known Codex which is often overlooked. I am always surprised to see the number of developers not consulting the Codex. And another great resource for advanced user is this list added by Post Stat which pretty much has everything for you to grow into a better WP coder.