Is there a limit to the number of support requests?
There’s no limit to the number of tasks we perform as long as it’s covered by your monthly plan. You can ask an unlimited amount of questions. As for customizations and tasks; to ensure that we can provide a continuous service we can only do small 30 minute jobs.
Can you support more than one site?
Yes, we can. However our plans are made for only one site. Therefore if you need two sites you will need to pay your monthly plan twice. You can contact us and we can setup your account for two or more sites.
What can WP Helpout do for my site?
At WP Helpout we are more than one WordPress developer who can take a look at your site, give you advice and most importantly support you whenever you have an issue. Besides that we can make modifications to your site so that you can focus on your business and not the coding.
Can you make me a site from scratch, a new site?
We don’t make new sites, we only work on existing sites. However you can always contact us and we can assess your project and guide you in the right direction.
How is it possible that you have unlimited support, is there a catch?
There is no catch, you simply contact us each time you have an issue with your site or need a small modification. We are reasonable towards our clients and our clients are comfortable with the services we provide. If you happen to have too many request, we will let you know.
What is 24 hour support?
Our email based support works on a 24 hour basis. It means that we will receive and work on your request within a 24 hour period. However, depending on the task it may take us a little longer. Generally speaking it is never more than 42 hours to get your task/request completed.
Is there a cancellation fee or contract?
No, there are no cancellation fees and no contracts. The subscription is monthly and is re-occurring until you suspend it or cancel it.
How long until you complete my request?
As a standard we inform our clients that it may take up to 24 hours for us to start working on the project since it may be a weekend or holiday. It is never more than a 32 hour wait time for your request to be done. However do not be surprised if the tasks is completed within 2 hours of your submission.
My site has been hacked, can you help?
We can help and troubleshoot your hacked site. However some hackers delete all files from your server, therefore we cannot guarantee a complete fix if a site has been hacked. We will do everything we can to get your site back up. We will make a backup of your site from the day you signup with us.
I'm about to sign up, when can I submit my first request?
You can start to submit your request as soon as you sign up. One of our team members will verify your information and your account on the same day, from there you can submit your requests.
Can you do just a one time job?
Yes we can! If you visit our pricing section we have a plan called “One Job”. You can contact us and let us know about your job.
I'm interested to sign up but have more questions.
Having more questions is normal, we hope you do! You can use our live chat service or our contact form to ask us more about our services.
Is there money back guarantee?
Yes, there is. You can request your money back within 30 days of your first month. However if during that 30 days trial you have had a significant amount of requests and that those requests were deemed cleared and completed; we reserve the right to hold a portion of your sign up fee.