Terms of use

Before creating an account with WP Helpout it is required that you understand and agree to the following terms. By agreeing to use WP Helpout services you also agree that WP Helpout reserves the right to change the terms of use periodically with WP Helpout’s absolute discretion. If you do not agree to those terms and the ones below you are not authorized to use our services.

WP Helpout is a service that offers email support to website owners and operators which have a site that runs on WordPress and is a single installation of WordPress, we do not support multi-site WordPress or sites that do not run on WordPress. You are only allowed to request support for one site under one account. You may have more than one site that WP Helpout takes care of but each site will require a separate monthly service fee that is listed in our pricing plans.

Each support request and/or task encompasses 30 minutes of development work or our time. The effort needed to develop is determined by WP Helpout team. Any work that requires more extensive changes, WP Helpout reserves the right to reject the work or divert the task to an affiliate developer or agency at extra cost to you or your company after consulting with you or with your company. WP Helpout reserves the right also to reject the request if deemed too extensive and not follow up with any further affiliate work or advice for that request.

The requests below are allowed to be submitted but may or may not be allowed within the confines of your monthly plan. WP Helpout reserves the right to determine which monthly plan encompasses the following changes. If a client has already submitted several requests that are either outside of their monthly plan or are judged to be too numerous by WP Helpout, WP Helpout may or may not request the client to downgrade or upgrade their account.

Basic installation of WordPress
Styling page elements with CSS
Addition of content and changes to images
Adding pages, menus and general WordPress functions
Creation of simple graphics such as buttons, banners
Installing themes and plugins
Wordpress security (malware cleanup and protection)
WordPress consulting (advice and support)
Integration of Facebook, Twitter and other social media widgets and buttons
Optimization of CSS, Javascript and Images
Styling of current theme, frontend CSS work
Configuration of Google Analytics
Custom fields, custom web forms and much more
Data Migration, to another website or hosting provider
HTML5 / CSS3 adjustments

If unsure if your request falls in these criteria, send our team an email and we will let you know and do the task or advise you on the best path to take.

WP Helpout reserves the right to judge if a client has exceeded the reasonable amount of requests for our services at any given time. WP Helpout may or may not request the client to downgrade or upgrade their account. WP Helpout reserves the right to terminate accounts at any given time if an unreasonable amount of requests has been deemed to take place and our services have been over used which is determined at the discretion of WP Helpout.

Examples of request that WP Helpout will not work with:

Landing or splash page design
Troubleshooting certain server errors (often diverted to hosting company)
Custom plugin development
Custom theme development
Major website redesign or website redesign
Search marketing/SEO services
Integration of another site’s functionality into client’s site. (example make current theme/template animate on scroll like another site) Unless current theme/template was build for it.
Any fix deemed by WP Helpout management to exceed 30 minutes effort

WP Helpout uses the word “unlimited” in it’s services description and is subject to reasonable use. The definition of reasonable use is only determined by WP Helpout. If you or your company is deemed to be abusing the reasonable abuse of “unlimited” services, WP Helpout reserves the right to suspend the services provided to you or your company. WP Helpout will not provide a refund if abuse of services has occurred.


WP Helpout will not be liable under any circumstances to you or your company for any loss of content, any loss of profits, loss of use or consequential damages of any kind. You and your company must have a backup of your site prior to request any services from WP Helpout and if not, you or your company must request a backup from WP Helpout. If any loss of data occurs WP Helpout will not be responsible under any circumstances.

You are agreeing that you will pay for WP Helpout services. You are responsible for the payment of all fees and providing WP Helpout with a valid form of payment. Your prices will include services but excludes any applicable taxes. We reserve the right to apply taxes in areas of the World where taxes apply.

Prices of your monthly payment services may change at any time after your paid month to the discretion of WP Helpout. WP Helpout does not offer price protection or refunds in the event of a promotional offering.